TD Sunfest '17 is July 6-9, 2017 in London, Ontario's beautiful Victoria Park


Throes + The Shine

Portuguese-Angolan collective Throes + The Shine have been perfecting their high-energy sound for over 5 years now.  They were, from the start, a real party band. On the one hand, the musicians champion kuduro: a musical elixir with Angolan roots, blending traditional sounds with house rhythms and techno. On the other hand, they feature percussive rock with strong guitars. Combine the two and you get the self-coined style rockuduro, which reaches new heights on the band’s latest album, Wanga (meaning “spell” in the Angolan dialect Kimbundu).  Its 10 songs bounce off the walls with their intense beats and deep synthesizer melodies, enhanced by globe-trotting collaborations with Congolese-Canadian Pierre Kwenders, Argentina’s La Yegros, Da Chick, and Colombia’s Meridian Brothers.