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Lucho Quequezana

Lucho Quequezana has been called a "musical phenomenon" for all the right reasons. Armed with traditional Peruvian and Andean instruments – from charango to flute, to bagpipe, dulcimer, piano, quena and zamponia  – and an unprecedented approach to musical fusion, he has become the most prominent and innovative musician in Peru. Lucho's 2011 debut recording, Kuntur, is among today's top 10 best sellers, and along with its follow-up recording, Combi, achieved gold and platinum status. What makes all these accomplishments even more remarkable is that Lucho works solely on instrumental, jazz-influenced music. His compositions take Peruvian rhythms and instruments as the starting point for a musical dialogue with global sounds.

Winner of the UNESCO-Aschberg Prize, Lucho came to prominence in 2009 with the ensemble Sonidos Vivos, which consisted of musicians from around the world taking up the challenge of playing Peruvian rhythms with their own national instruments. Sonidos Vivos was considered the starting point of a whole new way to experience Peruvian music. Lucho's live shows are usually mega productions that involve not only musicians, but also dancers and guest performers. In 2013, Lucho held four sold-out concerts with the Peruvian National Symphonic Orchestra in Gran Teatro Nacional. With more than 100 musicians on stage, and an ambitious, complex technical display, these shows were broadcast on the leading TV network in Peru. The phenomenon doesn't stop there. Lucho Quequezana is the host and creative director of the popular TV program Prueba de Sonido.  Also, he’s been appointed an ambassador to Marca Perú, a global branding campaign to promote his country’s best cultural values.