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Barbra Lica

When CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition needed a music bookend for Robert Harris's recent feature on The Great American Songbook (repertoire introduced by legendary vocalists like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Judy Garland), host Michael Enright and team chose Barbra Lica's version of Young at Heart  to demonstrate that this formidable tradition is still alive and well in 2015. Barbra is incapable of artifice or theatrics. Real truth and genuine warmth shine through both the singing and songwriting of this fast-rising Toronto-based artist, whom CBC's Tim Tamashiro calls Canada's answer to Stacey Kent (one of today's most successful jazz singers). Tim Tam says: "Lica smiles when she sings. You can hear it. When you see her in concert you’ll see it too. In a word: refreshing."  Barbra defies the stereotypes of the tortured and heartbroken jazz or pop diva by remaining resolutely upbeat and optimistic. "I just believe in happy music," she stresses. "When I sing, I want people to be happy. I think that’s the joy of music. I know life can be hard and stressful, but I feel art exists so beauty can exist."

Barbra Lica's beautiful sound resists categorization. "When people ask what my genre is, I tell them I don't know," she explains with typical candor. "Perhaps it's somewhere in-between singer/songwriter and vintage pop."  Noted producer/keyboardist/composer Lou Pomanti was a key collaborator on Barbra's brand new album, Kissing You, and he too was smitten. "She has it all, the voice, the songs, the presence, and, once you get to know her, a very demented sense of humour!" His jocular assessment: "Barbra is funny, beautiful and talented. I hate her!"